Our Founder

In 2018, I returned home on a flight from a business meeting in Orlando, FL. I completely forgot that kids also go to Orlando to visit Disney World, and I came back with a monster cold from presumably, what I call, kid supergerms.  I called my Mom to ask, "How do you make that turmeric water again?"

Growing up, my Mom would make this turmeric herbal remedy anytime I had a cold, cough, sore throat, etc.  Whenever I got sick, I would hear her say, " Make some turmeric water."  And...it always worked!  This recipe was handed down in my family from mother to daughter, generation to generation in India, and is widely used presently throughout the country.  I've added my own flavor twist with cinnamon, ginger and cardamon. Yum!  

Back to my story. I made the concoction right away, and followed my Mom's directions to the tee, and a few days later, felt much better. Afterwards I thought, "Why should only Indians be privy to this ancient herbal secret?"

And that's when I decided to create TumiBee! I wanted to make sure I shared this all natural, homeopathic remedy with anyone and everyone that wanted it.  After a lot of R&D to make sure I made a product that was made entirely from real food ingredients with no preservatives, fillers or additives--that also tasted great--I'm excited to say we now have a superb product.

TumiBee is made locally, in small batches, with only premium ingredients. I wanted to create a product that I would feel good about sharing and made with my high standards for food quality. (I'm a picky girl, y'all!). 

I'm excited about launching TumiBee with an emphasis on creating a community that loves healthy living, while protecting mother Earth, so that she can provide her best for us to eat as naturally as possible.  For every jar you buy, a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to bee conservancies as well as other progressive environmental charities.

From my family's heritage to yours, I would love for you to join me in the journey to 'Live the Golden Life' each and everyday!



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