TumiBee Chocolate Decadence Cocktail

TumiBee x Bouvery CV Chocolate Cocktail

Who says you can't have a cocktail and get health benefits too?

Mix in TumiBee with Bouvery CV's decadent chocolate liqueur, and you will be in choco heaven!  Bouvery is made with organic vodka that is distilled three times and uses Dutch cocoa.  Paired with TumiBee's raw honey--this cocktail is out of this world.

Bonus, you will get all the health benefits of TumiBee! Here's to immune support and antioxidants!



1 Tbsp TumiBee
1 oz Bouvery CV Chocolate Liqueur (www.bouverycv.com)
3 oz warm water
2 oz milk of choice
Optional: dark chocolate shavings, milk foam, ice 


-Mix TumiBee with warm water (not boiling) and stir until it's fully dissolved
-Pour in Bouvery CV
-Finish with milk/cream of choice.

Enjoy Living the Golden Life!