Our Values

Quality Ingredients 

We use organic, real food, premium ingredients.  We consider how the ingredient is harvested and created, to make sure each ingredient is in its healthiest, unadulterated form.  No additives, preservatives, added sugars, fillers, gums or powdered milks--EVER.   

Our Motto: Live the Golden Life! 

TumiBee is not just a product, it is also a lifestyle.  Our Tumibees, is a community interested in health and wellness who are interested in moving towards reaching their peak health.  We believe health is an iterative process, and learning is a key part in the journey towards wellness.  As we grow our community, we will provide events and learning opportunities to help you move towards living your Golden Life!

TumiBee Gratitude Stir

Gratitude has incredible health benefits, both mentally and physically!  As you mix in TumiBee, with each round of the stir, say what you are grateful for, and breathe in the beautiful aromas of our drink. Become present, and take a second for yourself. Stir gratuitously, you deserve it!  

Give Back

For every jar purchased, a portion of the profit will be donated to bee conservation and progressive environmental organizations.  Additionally, because we are a minority woman owned business, we want to help support other like-minded female entrepreneurs by sharing knowledge and sharing their products to our TumiBees.