TumiBee Golden Coffee: Turmeric & Coffee

TumiBee Golden Coffee

Drink TumiBee daily in you coffee.  Not only will you get your daily pep ✨  in your step, you will also get all the incredible health 🌱  benefits of TumiBee.

Here's a recipe for all our Coffee Lovers:

TumiBee Golden Coffee

Cup of Coffee 
1 TBSP TumiBee
Creamer/MIlk of choice (optional for a latte)
*Ghee, MCT oil or Butter (optional for Bullet Coffees)

-Drop TumiBee into a coffee mug (keep the spoon in the cup, no need to remove)
-Pour in coffee, and allow the paste to warm up.
-Stir gratuitously! 🙏
-Add optional ingredients to create your perfect coffee.

If you noticed, we didn't mention any sweeteners in this recipe. That's because TumiBee already has raw unfiltered honey 🍯, that's not only nature's perfect sweetener, but also loaded with antioxidants, minerals and enzymes making it a healthier way to sweeten up your coffee while adding in the benefits of turmeric.