TumiBee Original 11 oz

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A whole food turmeric and superherb ancient Ayurvedic herbal beverage mix with a number of incredible benefits!

  • Immunity
  • Antioxidant
  • Energy Booster
  • Soothing Honey
  • Digestive Comfort
  • Natural Manganese

Made with premium whole food organic ingredients, this delicious and healthy turmeric drink mix is sweet with hints of honey, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger--with no added sugar.

Simply mix it into warm water, milk of choice or a combo of both to create a delicious elixir. Drink daily as a golden latte, tonic, in coffee or smoothies.

No preservatives, no additives, no fillers, no gums, milk powders and no artificial sweeteners-EVER.

Live the Golden Life!

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Anurag A.
United States United States
Back to the Basics

I was excited about this product as it seemed to have captured the essence of all the traditional home remedies I grew up with in India. After some experimentation with the right mix of water and milk (I recommend 2/3 water 1/3 milk), I was finally able to replicate what my grandmother made for me growing up when I was under the weather. Great flavor and certainly a delicious way to boost that immunity. Great addition to a wellness routine for those that value the benefits.

Patricia M.
United States United States

I love to use Tumibee on my post-workout smoothie. Not only make it taste so yummy, but it's also full of nutrition and health benefits. I also love that it is not too sweet, just the right amount of sweetness. 

Mike B.
United States United States
Mike’s Review

Tumibee works wonders! I’ve tried countless turmeric based drinks, powders, supplements etc. to control my inflammation, yet nothing compares to tumibee. Tumibee provided me with an overall sense of well-being within 20 minutes of consuming it from the adaptogenic tulsi. As an individual with a rather severe dairy allergy, I was hesitant to try Tumibee because of the ghee. However, the ghee used doesn’t contain any lactose or casein at all and is the highest quality ghee on the market. My body didn’t negatively react to the ghe at all! Due to the potency of this product, I felt my inflammation lower within days and my seasonal allergies (hello March!) subside due to the quality of the raw honey. I was less stressed, less inflamed, my seasonal allergies weren’t bothering me the taste is absolutely amazing! With Love, Mike Bursese, Psy.M, organizational development specialist. IG: @mindfully.Mike

Joseph S.
United States United States
Post Sports Recovery...

Whether after a long run or a tennis match that has gone into extra sets, I can always count on TumiBee to help make things better. Mixed with warmed up nut milk calms the nerves, tastes great, and helps with my recovery. This product is amazing!!!

United States
Great Gift!

What do you get for the friend who already has everything? Why, TumiBee, of course! I was very excited when I realized this would be the perfect present to bring to my friend’s birthday. She was very happy when she opened her present and saw this special elixir everyone should keep in their kitchen. Great product, great gift idea. Thanks, TumiBee!