5 Reasons You Need an Anti-Inflammatory Now

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Our body’s ability to heal our body is truly remarkable, and with proper support, it functions in autodrive to help protect you from disease and injury.  The body’s inflammation response to illness is set up to signal the immune system where to go and get to work, without us ever knowing.   

 However, sometimes our body can do too good of a job and go into overdrive when it encounters everyday factors of our modern environment, leading to chronic inflammation, keeping the inflammation response on continuously.  This leads to a variety of issues. Read below on the five reasons you need an anti-inflammatory today more than ever.


  1. STRESS: Between work, family, kids, personal goals, errands, social obligations (the list could go on right?!)--we are on the go constantly that is not normal to the human body.  The stress signal was not meant to be on all day, however, our modern society demands it of us to keep up.  Stress hormones are released which also triggers the inflammatory response to help you heal.  Cortisol enters the picture when you have the flight or fight response, and now you’ve got a whole soup of hormones at work.  Constant stress builds up in the body overtime and leads to chronic inflammation.
  2. SLEEP DEPRIVATION:  On top of stress, our sleep cycles are affected by today’s environment.  We try to do more in a day along with carrying the burden of a number of obligations, and we end up giving up sleep to get it all done.  Sleep is key to repairing the body and to reduce inflammation you may have gathered throughout the day.  Without sleep, you continue to accumulate damage in the body. 
  3. POLLUTION: There is more pollution in the air than we’ve ever had, especially if you live in the city or near factories.  These microscopic chemicals enter the body as foreign objects in our respiratory system and cause our body to create a systemic inflammatory response along with free radicals that oxidize the body. Free radicals create damage at the cellular level, and leads to aging, chronic disease and auto-immune diseases.
  4. FOOD: Did you know an apple in the 1950s had more nutrition than an apple today?  With the use of GMO’s (seeds of food that are genetically modified in a lab), pesticides and depletion of minerals in our soil due to over harvesting, we are ingesting less nutrients and more chemicals.  These preservatives go into our bodies as toxins and immediately the body gets to work to try and process or remove.  Additionally, eating more processed and fried foods vs. whole foods. The work of removing toxins constantly leads to inflammation and also doesn’t allow the body to absorb nutrients efficiently.
  5. OBESITY: Add up all of the factors above and you get a recipe for obesity.  Between increased cortisol from stress, less time to repair the body through sleep, free radicals from pollution and quality of food intake, it’s no wonder we have an obesity issue in the US!  The inflammatory response is triggered and causes the fat cells to increase, leading to less oxygen supply which then leads to cellular death. Next, an immune cell called macrophages are released which releases proteins in the blood--causing additional, you guessed it, inflammation.

With chronic inflammation, the body becomes more fatigued and can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer--as well as  auto-immune diseases.

While it’s clear that living a healthier lifestyle with less stress, more sleep, whole organic foods, exercise and reduced exposure to pollution would lead to better health--it’s not always easy to do.  There are many factors in a day that aren't in our immediate control, such as pollution.

TumiBee is an excellent supplement to take daily to help reduce inflammation.  The benefits of the ingredients in TumiBee such as turmeric, tulsi & ghee help to not only aid the body with inflammation, it also helps to boost your immunity, mood and energy.  Drinking TumiBee daily is your first line of defense in today’s world!

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