How to Build Your Immunity for the Fall/Winter Season

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ITumiBee Build Immunitymmunity is a complex system that works together, and to have the healthiest immunity, you not only have to start building it up over time, you also will need to incorporate a few lifestyle changes.                                 

Sounds hard?  Not at all!  And the good news is, the superherbs turmeric and tulsi will be an incredible first line of defense to help you build up your immunity and get you ready for the Fall/Winter cold/flu/(dare I say COVID season? We hope not) season.  

Let’s jump into the essentials.  This is not the be-all end-all list, but this will get you further along!

1)  Diet: You have to up your vegetable and fruit intake, especially greens, so that you get ample amounts of nutrients.  Think zinc, antioxidants, vitamin C, minerals and essential vitamins.  You know the drill, you’ve read the articles--your body needs nutrients from plants to really function well.  Start adding more each day until you can get to 5-8 servings, making sure greens are in there somewhere. 

Additionally, eat healthy fats (like the organic grassfed ghee in TumiBee!) to allow your cells to function with fat sources they love.  Finally, stay hydrated, your cells crave water and need it to move out toxins.

2)  Sleep: Get sleep! It’s so important, it’s the time your body will take all those yummy nutrients from above and repair the body.  This also helps to reduce inflammation, a key to making the body function better. See our blog post on this for more information.

3)  Probiotic: Immunity starts in the gut, so get in probiotics everyday.  Probiotics are the good bacteria your gut needs to fight off the bad. Great natural sources of probiotics include kombucha, kefir, kimchi, fermented sauerkraut and yogurt.  You could also look to take a daily supplement.

4)  Manage Stress: This one’s tough, I know.  Start by figuring out and writing down your sources of stress, your response to it, and just work on reducing one by one.  Don’t take it all on at one time as that will be too overwhelming. Start small and you will see an effect. You may need to distance yourself from toxic people, reduce your workload or hire/recruit help to get all those tasks done.  This is where self-care will play a big role, and why we incorporate the TumiBee Gratitude Stir into our daily lives.  Taking just a few moments out of your day to check in with yourself will go a long way to help you stay self-aware and help you notice your sources of stress.

5)  Supplements:  Take D3 and drink TumiBee daily.  The turmeric and tulsi in our drink will help strengthen your immunity by helping to reduce the inflammation response.  Curcumin in turmeric was been found to help calm down innate immune cells that get over activated due to stress, poor diet, etc, which in turn produces acute phase proteins--that damage the body.  But, turmeric does so much more! Read our blog on the benefits of turmeric.  Finally, turmeric helps reduce inflammation, a key to having a body that can take on viral attacks.

So start now, in the summer, and get your body revved up and shielded for the Fall/Winter season.  By drinking TumiBee daily, you will be giving your body an incredible line of defense.  Get our Build Your Immunity 3 pack that was created just for this purpose. 

Do the above, and you will be on your way to a sniffle-free season, and, to living The Golden Life!

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