Honey, Keep it Warm: Health Benefits of Raw Unfiltered Honey

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Did you know honey is the third most faked food worldwide (after milk, then olive oil)?  In the US alone, around 70% of honey is altered using additives such as high fructose corn syrup or chemically modifying sugars in these syrups to look like real honey.  Yep, that’s right!

This is bad news for both beekeepers and us as consumers as adulterated honey costs less than real honey, hurting bee farmers who work hard to create real delicious honey that is healthy and try to stay in business competing against these fake honeys.  There’s no way they can offer their honey at the fractional cost of fake honey that has been diluted with a cheaper sugar syrup.  In fact, the raw unfiltered honey in TumiBee is one of our most expensive ingredients (but we wouldn’t budge on using raw unfiltered honey no matter the price, and you'll soon see why)!  

And we miss out as consumers by losing the incredible health benefits of real honey.  To get the best health benefits of honey, it’s best to consume raw unfiltered honey,  as heating it would kill the incredible enzymes, minerals, amino acids and vitamins found in it.  And yes, even raw honey gets heated to keep it from granulating and to get to a uniform color.  At TumiBee, we look for local farmers here in the United States who not only use ethical beekeeping practices that protect the bees from overworking (so important and a topic we will cover in the future), but also use honeys that are straight from the hive with no heating.  

The health benefits of a real, raw unfiltered honey are incredible!

  • Rich range of antioxidants including phytochemicals, flavonoids, and ascorbic acid
  • 5000 live enzymes that help with everything from detoxification to digestion
  • 22 amino acids, 31 trace minerals and 10 vitamins
  • Antibacterial--you can actually put it on wounds!
  • Helps to relieve coughs, sore throats..even ulcers
  • Polyphenols that help boost immunity

And finally, as the title of our blog suggests--Honey, Keep it Warm--never use boiling water/milk/liquid when you make your cup of TumiBee, because as noted above, heat will destroy the enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants in the honey.  We suggest you warm up your liquids separately (stove preferred, till hot but not boiling) and then add in TumiBee. Then top with cold or warm creamer/milk of choice to help bring down the temperature of your cup of gold. 

As you can see, we truly believe in our Values of using quality, premium, unadulterated, real food ingredients. 

Ready to Live the Golden Life?  Go order your jar now and start reaping the health benefits of TumiBee!

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