Benefits of Turmeric

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Growing up, turmeric was a big part of our Indian family.  It's used in our cooking (it's how curry gets that gorgeous orange color!) and used to help when sick. I never thought about the benefits really until I started TumiBee, it was just a part of my life.  All I knew as a kid was that this drink my Mom was making for me, will help me get better when I have a bad cough or cold. And boy have I learned how powerful this herb really is, and why Indians revere it so much!

So what is Turmeric?  It is a root vegetable found in the ginger family.  It looks very similar to ginger with a bright orange flesh.  What has made turmeric famous is the antioxidant compound called Curcumin, which research has found to have a positive effect with a variety of diseases, including Alzheimer's, cancer and arthritis.

Here are the top 5 benefits of Turmeric:

1) Anti-Inflammatory: Turmeric has found through studies, that it can be as effective, if not more than an Advil or other NSAIDS, which are used to reduce inflammation.  It has been shown to be helpful for those with arthritis, IBS and pancreatitis.  The compound Curcumin works with the body to relieve inflammation, protecting you from chronic inflammation.  With daily intake, it is a powerhouse at keeping inflammation at bay. 

2) Immunity: Boosts immunity! Turmeric is an all natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal thanks to compounds called lipopolysaccharides.  Take turmeric all year round to keep your immunity strong and double up when sick. 

3) Antioxidant: This golden herb is a potent antioxidant, working to help protect your body from oxidative damage and works as a scavenger to eat up free radicals your body creates daily due to stress, poor diets and pollution.  Especially beneficial for helping to fight cancer and chronic diseases due to aging such as heart disease.

4) Cognitive Function:  Keeping the brain in tip-top shape is key to aging well, and turmeric once again comes to the rescue! Turmeric helps increase the growth of new neurons by increasing the growth of the brain hormone BDNF and is able to cross the blood-brain barrier allowing for the brain to take in the powerful benefits of Curcumin. Additionally, Curcumin has been show to work with neurotransmitters to boost serotonin and dopamine levels. It's no wonder turmeric has been shown to help with Depression and Alzheimer's disease! 

5) Gut Health: Working as an inflammatory, turmeric not only helps to heal your gut lining--but it also aids with digestion and helps rid the body of toxins.  Your gut is key to making sure nutrients are absorbed properly and turmeric aids by  removing digestive system irritation.

Turmeric is one of TumiBee's star ingredients, and what a powerhouse it is on it's own!  The other superfoods in our mix have been balanced to work with turmeric to enhance the health benefits of TumiBee, ultimately helping you 'Live the Golden Life!'

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